Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Long time no blog...

So much has happened since July--Jim's back finally got the best of him, and dealing with it required major surgery this October, complete with a five day hospital stay, huge incision, and six wood screws. Meanwhile, he has of course been off work, and his income cut nearly in half (we are thankful for that half, of course). So, I went to the folks at my aforementioned "part-time retail gig" and had it increased to more of a full-time thing (thank you thank you thank you). Add the holidays to working retail, and you barely have the energy to breathe.

Jim is getting better and stronger, but no we are waiting to hear from his company as to a position with the them. Seems like we have been in a waiting mode of some sort or another for months now, which has stretched my coping skills, to say the least. I like a neat and tidy road map and a glossary of my life with full foot-note ahead of time, and this uncharted journey has not been easy.

The kids have been doing well through all of this, and I am proud to say that they have been able to continue their lives as children, playing and learning and making friends.

Now, we just wait to see what else happens. Big changes are in the air, hopefully some positive, and Jim is no longer constrained in life by having a back that goes out constantly. And I am no longer constrained by thinking that I am incapable of...well, very much.


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