Friday, June 23, 2006

Learning to Breathe

Greenery's worth lay undecided,
still the waters fell on leaves when the clouds collided.
Moons increased, then divided,
don't resent the tides they guided.

Summer's rays don't beg deservedness,
of blossoms near the ground.
warmed, touched, the petals come unbound.

As the sun climbs east, then falls west,
colors invoked don't ask if they deserve twilight's quest.
Stars come to spin, and sing and spark,
and take freely of the sustenance of the dark.

But if I know I am a part of all these things around me,
if the certainty of this dance between the earth and sky-- well, it grounds me,
and if I know its as real as the air that surrounds me,
Then why can't I just breathe in all the love that found me?

With my every intake and exhalation,
there's a gasping hesitation.
I am waiting for my soul's full summation,
calibrated exactly from my birth.

Help me, help me please to breathe, without first measuring my worth.

Help me to breathe without first measuring my worth.


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