Monday, September 09, 2013

Rest well, Tigerlily. You were a much loved kitty for 16 years. She is in the secret garden now, near her little patch of catnip...I will miss her knowing where the catnip should be every spring, and staring at the empty space with so much longing and expectation. I can see the indent in the middle of her plant, where she used to sit in the middle of catnip all afternoon, before strolling over tothe pond to stare at the fish and have a cool drink. She really did have a wonderful kitty life. The boys are heartbroken, and Danny started his first day of high school today, but these are life lessons and we are there for them. I did tell Clementine that she has to take over as the boss cat now. She is the youngest, but the only one with leadership potential, imo.
She was named after the Natalie Merchant album Tigerlily, which I will play for her today (well, ok, I had a chicken name after Ophelia also).


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