Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jim's niece Morgen came to visit from Australia. Points for how many of us you recognize!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So glad to be out...

Of the fundie type church we were married in. Gah. Such a waste of so many years.

Jim goes to the Goodwill outlet, where they offload stuff. He has an eye for vintage stuff, and is really good at cleaning it up and selling it cheap on Craigslist. He uses that money to do "extras" and sometimes pays the kids allowances and gives the checking account a rest. Its like a challenge for him. He also gives things away when he feels his "Craigslist Karma" is low, and is overall a very generous person. He is retired from a good job, and gets retirement, I work, we are relatively comfy after years of struggle.

So, he is going through the bins, and this guy we went to church with 25 years ago comes up. "Jim Britt! What are you doing here?" Jim gets excited about his "project" and is open about it. "Oh, just looking for something to fix up and resell, how are ya?"

The guy gave him THE LOOK. The same fucking look I have seen "Christians" give him, and myself, time and time again. "Oh, not much income, huh? Well, I just come here to buy things for people in need, and I GIVE them away." And then he tried to give Jim his relator's card.

What the hell? I told Jim next time just say "I'm just fucking around, how the fuck are ya?"

I get this all the time with former church people. They never just ask how I am, its always "which Church do you attend now?" and the sideways look to see if the answer is acceptable or not. I once told someone "any circle of green in the woods works just fine."

I am the snarky one.