Sunday, October 19, 2014

Getting serious here, no more Mrs. Nice Gardener

About to get very stern with the cosmos and the snapdragons. Everyone else in the garden is starting to realize that the party is over, and it's time for decent and proper plants to go to sleep. These two are going rogue.
Cosmos I should have expected as much...she is like the crazy chick that everyone invites because she is "so much fun," forgetting what happened last time. And the time before. Right now she is creeping into everyone else's beds, dancing around and lifting her fronds up to show up her bloomers. She is drunk. She needs to go home. I need to remember her shenanigans before I invite her again.
The snapdragons always used to be well behaved and sedate, but this year they are out of control, doing cartwheels down the path and stretching out their little feet over the floor, maybe hoping to trip someone? Naughty, in any case. I keep telling them it's time for bed, and they are like Stewart on Mad TV. "Look what I can do!"
It's time for the garden to be quiet and listen to some stories, so I can sit back and drink my tea and rock in my chair.


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