Monday, January 07, 2013

I did have a great time at my cousins, but just a word (or 300) about my ride home, as posted in Yelp.

I wish I could give 0 stars to Northwestern Trailways. When I buy a ticket for a seat on the bus, I assume that means a SEAT on the bus. Not standing in the cold and snow of Leavenworth, expecting to take the last bus out of town (to Everett), and having a bus driver get out of a FULL bus with a smirk on his face and announce "Well, I got bad news for you people, this bus is full and there isn't another one coming, don't blame me, I am just the driver" (earlier the info desk said there would be one at 1.15 and one at 6.45pm). It also does not mean having the driver relent and say "if you want a ride, it's standing room only." Yeah, I wanted a ride. I needed to get home, and it was cold, and no guarantee it won't be the same situation on the next bus, which may or may not be coming, depending on who answers the phone at any given time. So myself and ten other people stood in the middle of the bus all the way over the pass and to Everett Station. Some of these people even had online reservations, which, according to the driver, "don't mean anything." I am sore and exhausted, and had rolling panic attacks from the crowding. My husband called their office to complain, and the person on the phone informed him that he didn't sell the ticket, not his problem. I looked online, and this company has a contract with the Department of Transportation, who will be hearing from me tomorrow. I have several pictures that may be of interest.


I called their complaint line today and was met with extreme rudeness and arrogance. The person answering the phone took no responsibility for my issue at all, used terms such as "what's done is done,nothing can be done now" "our booking agents over booked us," and "Amtrak overbooked their bus in Spokane, and dumped their passengers on us." He actually said that no other bus company dispatches other buses in cases of over booking, which I know is not true, because I have heard of other cases in which that has been done. Guess what? "what's done is done" is NOT done until I say it is done. I am getting a refund, or at least he took my mailing address to send me one, but was overall very curt. Actually said the driver should have left us there. No apologies.

I have someone from the licensing agency they are under, the state Utilities and Transportation Commission, sending investigators out to check on the trip records, as well as these pictures which clearly show no straps or holders.  THAT is when "what's done" will be done.


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